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NONEX Pyro Breaking Capsules Info

NONEX PBC is a gas generator, which was developed to enable rock and concrete to be broken or split without the usual problems that are associated with explosives.

NONEX PBC is easy to use. Drill a hole in the rock or concrete - insert the capsule - stem the hole with sand and fire. It is as simple as that. It can be fired as a single shot or in multiples. NONEX PBC comes in capsule form, each capsule having its own built in ignition. If capsules are fired - or ignited - unconfined (in the open air) they will burn slowly like a flare. NONEX PBC are not detonating high explosives which rely on a supersonic shockwave to do the work, NONEX PBC burn when heavily confined at a sub-sonic rate relying on pressure to do the work - and are therefore a deflagrating low explosive.

Unlike conventional explosives, NONEX PBC is composed of a gas generating compound which when ignited, burns to develop a large volume of gas. Because of its confinement high pressure builds up, which causes the rock or concrete to split apart instantaneously, with little or no noise, vibration or fly which accompanies regular explosives, thus enabling it to be used inside buildings and for demolition on Inner City sites, Motorways and Dimensional Stone Quarries to name just a few of its uses, 

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